Hey Everyone

Looking at cases and, of coirse,checked out the Behringer Go. The top case has a depth og 40mm while the lower one has a de[th of 62mm only in the front 60% of the case.

Their Moog-a-like 104 was, er, similar to the Moog case but much shallower and wouldn't accept some modules.

To save a few mm, this seems very strange to me.

The Mantis is 50mm. The RackBrute is 53mm.

Is 50mm a 'safe' depth?

Is there a minimum depth a case should be? Or ,perhaps, how deep is the deepest module? Or, how ,many modules WOULD NOT fit into a 40mm case?


Hi Ian,

If you go for Doepfer modules, there are some of them pretty deep, then rather look for a case that can handle up till 10 cm deep modules. Unless you decide for yourself to go for modules that are just not deep, on the other hand, why limiting yourself to only modules that are not deep?

The low cost casings of Doepfer can handle most modules and you don't have to worry too much about it.

Welcome to modular and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thanks Garfield!

10cm - Wow!

The problem is, you probably won't know what modules you want until you get the case and get started :-) A little chcking suggests that Doepfer make some of the deepest modules.

The Doepfer cases look utilitarian.My current preference is for a 104HP 3-tier raked system (a bit like Moog's 3-tier stand.

The research never ends :-)

Why not this: https://pittsburghmodular.com/structure-344 ?

It's not 3 x 104...you lose 18 hp per row, but you wind up with MORE module space than a 3 x 104 in the end, plus built-in power (which eliminates that need to stick power access modules in with the "functional" ones) that is beyond ample. And you get a VERY useful utility tile-row in the bargain...and more than ample depth (101 mm max) to fit the most chunky modules. Not cheap, but you're getting what you pay for with one of these big wooden honkers.


But will have to wait till my first album goes platinum I think :-)

It's getting the balance right between cost and quality :-(

At the moment, just starting out, I'm heavily driven by cost.

I'm in the UK and there's a 6U RackBrute on offer at a good price, cheaper than a Mantis but neither have the nice raked layout of 3xMoogs

Careful with the Rackbrutes if depth is critical, though. The maximum depth that Arturia lists is a "best-case"...the actual limitation over the power bus is more along the lines of 45mm.

Also, consider that you're not likely to be swapping out a case along the lines of that Structure (it's also not the only one in the line, as well). You won't exceed the power supply limits unless you chuck a pile of Metasonix modules into it, for one thing. It has the form factor you want, also.

When building a system, it's VERY advisable to work with a case that's "larger than you think is necessary"...because, invariably, it's NEVER larger than you think is necessary. And getting stuck with a smaller cab becomes a big pain when you outgrow it, because then you have to go with yet another case to gradually populate...but while that's happening, you've got a second big clunky (and spendy) box taking up space, for the most part. Starting at some point that seems too big, ultimately, results in a pretty comfy system to build and work with.

Well, I'm thinking 9U is too big so I thought I was right on with that one :-)

Sorry. not totally understanding what you're saying about RackBrute. It does seem to have an over-large PSU but surely it's only units next to it which might have depth probs. not units in the rest of the rack?

The Pitts looks great but is totally out of the ballpark :-(

I'm just trying to pull together the confusing amount of info about cases - except get bigger than you think you'll need :-) - to find something that looks ok, does the job and still leaves me with enough £££ to buy some modules :-)

Hi Ian,

And that brings us back to the Doepfer low-cost casings, they are the cheapest among all but yet have quality you need, deep enough, enough power and you can start small and put yet another one on top of (or next to) the existing one in case you need to extend it ;-)

Or if you don't like the look of a low-cost Doepfer, did you had already a look into the Intellijel 7U 104 HP case? That one is a bit more expensive but looks definitely better than a low-cost Doepfer. Or consider a non-low-cost Doepfer, those look nice but I feel they are a bit too expensive.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Ah, the Doepfer :-)

AFAICT, they onlyy do 84 and 168 HP which itself seems slightly bonkers, but 168 is too big for my space and 84 leaves a gap which would not be filled and therefore a waste.

The Intellijel are nice but not at those prices :-(

Always a compromise.

So still considering the Mantis (I could get two - 12U!) for the price of some 6U systems) and still looking altho I suspect I've seen every case on the panet now! :-)

I sent my Rackbrute 6U back and I'm currently waiting for a Refund from Bax-shop.co.uk it had overheating problems versus the simple Tiptop happy ending cases/power I already have. I won't buy anything from bax-shop again, even before Covid their email response was slow.
I need to find someone with a CNC router and I'll design and build my own, starting with the Tiptop uZeus power I have, then probably buy om Konstantlab Power at a later date.

Oh dear. Sorry to hear that. Do you think it's a general problem with the RackBrute or did you have a faulty unit? Arturia stuff usually seems pretty reliable.

Not used Bax. They have a great deal on the RackBrute which makes it tempting. Not tempting at its usual price :-)

If I was clever, I'd be tempted to make a case, too. Why do you need a router?

I'm also still confused about power supplies which is why I'd prefer one ready-installed.

uZeus seems to be one of the most popular but someone in another forum said they had problems with it.

SynthRacks recommends the TipTop Zeus Studio Bus. The dost for a 9U case is more than the case itself!!

The Mantis is probably currently top of the list although I'm still looking :-)

I'll vouch for the Mantis. I have two of them joined together with the optional mounting brackets. They have plenty of power for my needs, enough connections for my needs, and are deep enough for my needs. I believe they state that the bottom row is 60mm or so deep, but with cables and everything installed it seems a little shallower than that. I would be hesitant to try to install any of the super deep Doepfer modules. Most modules fit perfectly though, just be mindful of module dimensions listed here on Modular Grid. I also like that I am not eating up hp with power modules.
It might not be cool to say, but the Mantis looks pretty good too. My wife calls it "the spaceship". I don't think I would feel comfortable taking it to a live gig, but it performs (and looks) great in the studio. I picked up a few Make Noise skiffs in case I need something more mobile.
If I hadn't decided on the Mantis, I would have definitely chosen one of the Pittsburgh Modular offerings. They are an excellent value.

If I was clever, I'd be tempted to make a case, too. Why do you need a router?
-- iantrader

To cut out wooden shapes for the case sides that are to my own designs. :)

You'd also want a router to set up ventilation cuts in your cab's back, sort of like how 2Egress does with some of their huge Eurorack designs. And it's easy enough to put some fabric or foam covering on the inside there to keep random objects out of the cuts.

Cool circuits are HAPPY circuits, after all!

If I was clever, I'd be tempted to make a case, too. Why do you need a router?
-- iantrader

To cut out wooden shapes for the case sides that are to my own designs. :)

-- wishbonebrewery

Ah... Most people who do DIY cases tend just to use rectangles :-)

They do look boxy but then so do most cases, esp Doepfer.

If you have a local Maker group, someone there will probably have one.

I'll vouch for the Mantis. I have two of them joined together with the optional mounting brackets.
-- farkas

Good to hear coz the Mantis is looking increasingly liley :-)

Also like the fact that you can join two. And good VFM.

The Putts look great but I'd struggle to put them in the VFM category :-) But I guess that is subjective.Or maybe more to do with the fact that it costs an arm and a leg to get into this before you actually start spending arms and legs... :-)