Anyone know where this can be bought? I've contacted local dealers by email, on Twitter and I've sent an inquiry through the Industrial Music Electronics contact form on their website, but haven't seen any response (Not saying there hasn't been any, it could easily be I've just missed it). Everywhere in my Country it's listed as out of stock or unavailable without any reason. I think it wasn't in stock even in other countries too. I'm worried if it was discontinued that I could place an order and be waiting forever for a module that'll never come, while I could be looking for an alternative. Does anyone know if it was discontinued, or if it's in fact still available? Thanks for any information.

Yes, they are pretty much unobtanium at the moment, no idea if any more will be made, Scott is currently releasing a lot of MKIII modules so it could be that this will never be made again, but I don't know that!

Scott can be very slow to reply, but he usually does eventually.

I would not place an order expecting anything to arrive any time soon.

There are lots of alternatives, although none that I know of that will match this particular expression!

Frap Tools Falistri, Grand Terminal, Make Noise Maths, etc.

If you are looking for the Harvestman flavour, you could perhaps try the original Double Andore, there are a few of those around, but again, they are not the same, although some folk would argue the original is the better of the two if you like super snappy envelopes.

What was it about the Double Andore MK][ you were specifically interested in? I might be able to help!

Modules for sale:

Mannequins W/
MI Elements
Intellijel μVCA II
Endorphines Grand Terminal

You can find my modular synth album here - enjoy!