I bet this has been asked about before but could it be set up so others could allow comments on their rigs? It would certainly reduce the back and forth shenanigans on MUFFS and people could have specific dialogues on rigs and additions/subtractions etc.

I guess you could have a "comment" on this rig option which the user could turn/off on "the user has turned off comments about this post" kind of deal?

I love Modular Grid and think that's the only thing i keep wishing for.

Thank you for the consideration


The comment section for racks is already there. We have this for a long time, but only a few guys uses it.
Maybe the implementation sucks.
Comments are displayed under the users Rack but technical are a MG Forum thread.
So if someone comments your Rack you find it on your Rack page AND in the MG Forum.
Is that what you mean or do I misunderstand you?