Got the Disting Ex yesterday and I'm kinda blown away already. I thought the Matrix Mixer algo will be the last one I'd touch but after patching all the six Just Friends outputs into the Ex things have changed for good. Initially I planned to buy an Ex and sell both the Disting mk4's I have but I decided to keep the whole family together. Here's a track + video I made last night.

Cheers to you all.

Hi Aphew Goodman,

Oh come-on! Here (in Germany) we have to wait till mid July before we can get this thing (Disting Ex) and you got it already! ;-)

You not only got it already, within the same day you create somehow (no idea how you do this so fast and nicely) already a video about it with some decent sounding music out of it! :-D

Well thanks for sharing this and putting this nice demo here, very well done!

Just a question, without wanting to sound negative, is the Disting Ex a kind of "double" Disting Mk4 with a nicer screen (OLED) or is there "a bit" more behind it? I guess the latter? Sounds like the Mannequins - Just Friends is an interesting module too!

Thanks a lot, continue enjoying the Disting Ex and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

I pre-ordered the Disting EX from Signal Sounds in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago (Jason said the new stock had been sold before the units arrived in his store) so I guess I was lucky (and impatient ;)).
As the tagline goes, the EX is (also) like "two souped up" mk4's because some mk4's algos have been reworked and now have much better audio quality and processing. To me though it's the single modes that make the EX a wonderful module. I thought the Matrix Mixer is something I'd never want to use but the 6 inputs/4 mix outputs and 60 (!) tweakable parameters turn the EX into a complex CV/audio mixer. Then there's the SD Multisampler which I was tweaking last night (plan to post a video demoing that algo as well) and I find it so awesome (up to 8 voice polyphony, polyrhythms, etc. - and it sounds great!), the Augustus Loop stereo tape delay is also very complex. And there's a lot more to discover here. The tiny OLED is really useful and with the EX you can't escape menu diving but it's quite convenient and with 256 presets on board you're pretty much covered.
Like I said I still have two mk4's and plan to keep at least one for good. It's simply too good a 4 hp module to let go of. If one can afford it, having an Ex AND one or more mk4's is fully justified, imo. Hope this helps.

Best wishes,