Output 1: gate (kick)
Output 2: fast envelope (for kick FM) - synced to gate
Output 3: slower envelope (for kick AM) - synced to gate

The gate/pulse on Godeater's input (in addition to the normal kick sound), pushes it to some weird state in which it picks up really low noise from I don't know where, probably everywhere, and amplifies it for a short time not unlike a noisy "swoosh" effect. The length of the gate will alter the length of this swoosh. For 133bpm, 11.9ms sounded nice for a techno feel. Now the (more) interesting part: due to some leakage either from ES-9 or an unavoidable electromagnetic one (leakage from ES-9 is worrying but it might just be that Godeater really amplifies every little thing it can around it - anyway, I don't notice any leaks if I unplug the gate), inputs on the ES-9 will leak to the noisy "swoooshing" giving it some harmonics, if these exist on that said input!