I love to try to transform all that squeaky "noise" into almost dancing pieces of music.
The process Sound > Music is what is most fun for me.

Hi Thingue,

Ha, ha, that's indeed quite some dance and rhythm stuff you made there, amazing! I like track Outte the most, some beautiful sounds you managed to capture there. Is that all modular and if yes, how did you made those main voices?

Thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thanks for your feedback :-), and thank you for taking the time to listen...!
It's not all modular, but my starting point is often Mutable Instruments Marble + Make Noise STO + Make Noise Wooglebug, and Make Noise Mimeophon which i try to use not really as an effect but more like a voice.
I record in Live, then i take a break (as you may know it's a very important part in the process haha, for real), then in all this mess, with my fresh ears, i spot the "good" parts (and i always need to insert some little silences, because modular production can be such a non-stop torrent of sound, imo).

Sorry for the digression :-), the main voice in this third track is a mix between STO, and two "external" gears : Roland Boutique JU-O6a, and Korg Monologue. They play almost the same notes at almost the same times, and "almost" + a lot of handmade volume and fx automations to make them blend subtly together, is how i get this sound.

I also have to add that i discovered a technique between Live and my modular system : when i record a jam, it's audio, and it's a lot of informations/sounds at the same time. When i find a bit i like, i sometimes use the "convert melody to midi" function, which gives me some new surprises i can use to play again thru my modular (with CV Tools)... endless fun haha

Hi Thingue,

You are welcome and thank you very much for sharing how you create your sounds. That's quite interesting way of doing it, gives me some ideas too :-)

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Happy to share :-)
I also love to read how people are making music, so interesting to discover many little differences and ideas.