I was so inspired by DonghyukHeo’s fantastic interpretations of classical music so I had to try for myself.
The piece is ”Invention 15” by J.S. Bach that I programmed from sheet music into the two track sequencer of a Minibrute 2S.
The sound sources are just two Plaits in chord modes and osc 1 in MB. (One original module and one clone).
Sorry for the bad sound quality but I only have a GoPro for capturing video and audio.

Hi Rookie,

Great! :-) Now I got the same question for you as I had for Dongh Yuk too: "When will you convert a symphony into your modular system?" ;-)

I still love to look at your modular case setup, it's a nice little set that's lovely to look at!

I look forward to hearing more from you and kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks again for a nice comment!
Symphony: It is maybe enough with about 40 new complete voices and a load of sequencers. So if I could convince my wife to sell our car it’s doable ;-)

Hi Rookie,

He, he, yeah, it might indeed take 40 additional voices or something like that to realise a symphony... not to speak of the x-number of large additional casings you are going to need to put those 40 voices into it...

That's perhaps a con of modular ;-) But it would be funny and cool to see a complete symphony played by a modular system. Must be one or two walls full of modular stuff I guess...

Well it's nice to dream, I continue dreaming and I guess & hope you continue making nice music ;-) Kind regards, Garfield.