Here's a dub reggae type thing I put together using the DivKid Ochd that arrived today. I liken this module to the lightning that brought Frankenstein's monster to life. Probably the best 4hp module you could buy outside of a Disting.
Thanks for checking it out.

Hi Farkas,

That's quite funny that dub reggae type of music, never expected that for a modular system, but why not, right? :-) So I liked that quite a bit!

Only pity I didn't see much of your setup since you made the video pretty "unclear" ;-)

Thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks for listening, Garfield. The reggae vibe just started flowing, so I went with it.
Because the lighting around my synth is pretty poor, I usually put effects on any videos I upload to Instagram. You should be able to see my current rack if you click on my Modular Grid profile (though I haven't bought the Eloquencer yet).
Take care!

Hi Farkas,

Oh wow, you got yourself a nice rack there :-) Pretty full too...

I would love to have myself that Furrrrr generator too, with my first test at my local dealer I didn't manage to get a proper sound out of it but during a second test, wow, it literally blew my head off, so nice! But looking at the point of how much it shrinks the bank account, is it still worth it you think?

How about the E352 Cloud Terrarium from Synthesis Technology, do you like it, also worth the investment? I got the E330 multimode VCO and I am quite happy with that one, would the E352 or actually I was looking at the E340 Cloud Generator, be a nice addition to the E330? I just read that E340 is sold out :-(

Well, I could talk all night about interesting modules and stuff but I just reorganised my modules the last few days, since I just recently added a new rack (didn't had for months enough space for new modules), so I want to play a bit with my new setup. Sorry to have to let you go because of that ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

I love the tone of the Furthrrr Generator. I use it all the time and would buy it again in a heartbeat. For whatever reason, though, I struggle with the E352. I bought it mostly for drones and textures, but it sounds so much different than everything else in my rack that I have a hard time fitting it in to what I do. I'm not an analog purist by any means, but that thing has a very clean/digital sound. It's so dynamic and every setting seems to fill the entire audio spectrum, so I've found it hard to layer things over top of it. I likely need to EQ it better. I use the FM and morph settings a lot more than the cloud settings. I'm not sure that I would buy it again, but I'm not in any hurry to get rid of it. I think I just need to spend more time with it. It's pretty deep.
Have fun with your new rack!