Hi all,

I am considering an Fx Aid from Happy Nerding for my Intellijel Palette case. However, I see that the module depth is 45 mm according to ModularGrid, although I can't find confirmation of that on the Happy Nerding website. The case's depth is also reported as 45 mm in the specs, and when I measured it myself and calculated the depth it came to 45.24 mm. That strikes me as so close that I am now concerned about getting the module and discovering that I'd have to damage it just to get it installed. Just how much clearance am I likely to have? Has anyone else successfully installed an Fx Aid module in a Palette case?

I've got an FX AID in a palette and I didn't have to do anything weird to make it fit. It was very close so keep in mind that the tolerances of the metal folding used for eurorack cases are such that there's a slim chance it won't fit for you, though.

Thanks, @savagemessiah. Out of curiosity, do you know of any other 4HP modules that offer at least stereo reverb and delay?

Not really. 2hp verb is a great stereo reverb in, well, 2hp. Not sure if there's a 2hp stereo delay. Pico DSP does both in 3hp but is only mono in.

The Endorphin.es Milky Way is 6hp and 30mm. You may want to check that one out.

Thanks, @farkas!

If it is very close you could also stack some washers between your rails and the module to give that hairs difference, but make sure you have some long screws if you want washers on the front. Haha

Or cut a hole in the back of the Palette case?

Sorry... couldn't resist hehe!

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Tapographic FS or TRADE - whatcha got?

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