Hi Apache-Raver,

Nice setup you got yourself there, nice to look at your setup and looking at your modular "activities" while listening at your sequenced music!

That red module in the right bottom corner, what is that, by any chance the Dreadbox - Ataxia EG? If yes, what's your impression about this module and Dreadbox' new modules series in common, good? I might consider here or there one of them too...

Thank you very much for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Buddy, Yeah Atraxia is good mate, well worth the money, the envelopes are quite snappy, not as snappy as the frequency central system X envelope, but quite close, and the lfo's can be triggered to your clock. Well worth the money. I also got the Nostalgia delay which is a lot of fun. How are you doing?

Hi Apache-Raver,

Thanks for the info on those Dreadbox modules, I might consider the Ataxia actually.

Thinks are going well here, just that I am not sure which platform I should use for sharing music, any suggestions of a website that doesn't cause trouble if you want to quit it or not using it for a while?

Kind regards, Garfield.