Received DivKid's øchd earlier this week. Spent the evening patching, learning and wandering into this little drone with a simple sequence dropped in. Trident, Telharmonic, DPO, tiny bit of reverb by Clouds, additional space created with Mimeophon. All modulation performed by øchd.

Really nice :)

Hi Mowse,

Yeah, that's good, that's nice :-)

I don't get it... when I receive a new module I read the manual first, one day gone ;-) Then try to install it in the rack another day gone because I blow the fuse because the red strip was connected wrong, so the next days I spend on buying a new rack and new modules that I manage to blow up. Then after perhaps a month or so, I would be happy if I get one tone out of a new module...
Okay, I am overdoing this here "a little bit" ;-) But you get the point I guess.

But you? You get the module the evening before and the next day you got already a video with a fantastic sound ready for us! That's great! I am just jealous ;-)

Keep up the nice demos and kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks for the kind words. Got something brewing with the new RND S&H.