Hey Jingo,

Good to hear that you are happy with your Drum Sequencer from Erica Synths and pity Erica Synths still haven't released their Black Sequencer; most likely same or similar issues as Endorphin.es with their Ground Control.

Worst case scenario that I see is that I have to let go the idea of getting one sequencer that has many channels (3 or more) and 8 (or more) triggers. Perhaps I have to split that into two sequencers, one for the full channels and one for the triggers. That makes it most likely more expensive and it might take more HP space but perhaps it's then easier to get to a perfect "sequencer combination" ;-)

Thanks for checking out the manual of the Metron, I went already through it, several times now but I can't find anything related to different running direction modes... pity otherwise beside the Five12 that might have been a nice sequencer too...

While waiting for Ground Control and the Black Sequencer, I can check on that sequencer "split idea".

Thanks for your help and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

there seems to be a new and maybe interesting thread on muffs, have a look:



Hi Jingo,

Weird, I thought I replied you yesterday regarding this but I can't find my own reply back...

Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, I did download the Metron manual (of course) and read it a few times but I don't think it mentions anything about running backwards or randomly, very weird, in my opinion every sequencer should have that. I miss that on the Elektron sequencers too, it only can go forwards...

Since it's so difficult to find the "perfect" sequencer, meaning for me a sequencer that has at least 3 channels and 8 (or more) triggers in one sequencer, I consider now to split this requirement in two sequencers, one for at least 3 channels then and one for at least 8 triggers. Makes it more expensive and it requires most likely more HP space... I don't see any other way of solving the problem. Unless Ground Control will be released of course, I give it till end of October.

So for the 3 channels I might consider the Five12 - Vector then again, since that one can go up to 6 channels if I am not mistaken.

For the triggers I am not sure yet, hesitating between a few modules, some of those I consider are: Squarp - Hermod, Winter Modular - Eloquencer, and perhaps one or two more.

Thank you very much and kind regards, Garfield.

Edit: Oh my goodness, only now I realised this post reached page 2, that's why I didn't found back my reply... :-(

Hi Jingo,

Thank you for that link on Muffwiggler. Also there, there is no real good answer to the "perfect" sequencer, though the Five12 has been recommended there too, was that you? :-)

Another sequencer, non-modular, to consider is the Deluge from Synthstrom Audible, pity though that one can't try that out at a dealer because it's direct sales from New Zealand only... Do you have perhaps experience with this one?

Kind regards, Garfield.


nope, wasn't me, my nick across forums is usually jingo and also on muffs.

I once eyeballed the Deluge, but didn't pull the trigger. So I have no experience on that one.