I've been unable to find any other dual or quad VCAs that have cascading CV inputs. NOT cascading audio input/Mixer, but when you put an envelope into the QVCA, it will envelope all unpatched VCAs below it.

Doepfer A-132-4, A-132-2. The Malekko Quad VCA has some tandem CV functions. Mutable's Frames. Erica Black Quad VCA (with jumper adjustment). Bubblesound HexVCA (with jumper adjustment). Befaco Hexa VCA. Zlob VnIcursal VCA. Bastl Quattro Figaro (which actually gets more complicated than simply passing CV from one VCA to the next!) And I'm sure there's probably more, but that should be enough to start with.

If you can think of it, it exists somewhere...especially on Modulargrid.