Sat down this evening for a little jam on my Mother 32's. No agenda. Just started poking and patching. Found myself here. I'm thinking that a DFAM would be a nice way to tie off this little Moog rack that lives next to the modular system.

A little kick from BIA and light reverb from Clouds.

Hi Mowse,

Wow, yes! Amazing, no agenda and then this kind of demo :-) Ha, ha, that LFO-Filter kind of duo (I guess that's what it is) starting at 0:50 is a nice starter but then talking about transitions ;-) At 1:03 adding that sound there, yes, nice! And that naughty bass that's kicking in at 1:27, wow, ha, ha, yeah, impressive I would say. At 2:27 another nice sounds kicks in (what sound & effect is that?), I love those kind of moments, that are the nice surprises for the listeners! You practically keep doing that over the entire track, so well done :-)

You think that a DFAM would be a nice way to tie off your Moog rack, well yes, I guess so. Then again, I am not worried at all, I think anyone (or yourself) can give you whatever module, it doesn't really matter what module and I am certain and very confident that you will make something fantastic out of that! So don't worry about that, follow your guts, and if that's to add a DFAM, then that's it, just do it, I am sure you will come up with something good out of that :-)

I can't wait for your next demo (while listening yet another time to this demo), kind regards, Garfield.