My first attempt at an experimental short with ambient music composed on eurorack. I apologize for the standard youtube quality.

Hi Gabor,

Wow, that's a nice experiment of which I would say was very successful! I like that beetle, especially in the beginning, pity it got eaten though at the end of the film by ants; was that the same beetle or a different one?

The greenery of the forest is just one big feast for the eyes and soul. The music completes your experiment very well.

I wouldn't mind if you come up with more of these kind of experiments! Well done and kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks for your feedback, Garfield. I came upon several insects during filming ( "filming" sounds like an overstatement here - I made the clips with my iPhone SE when I took the dog out for walks to the forest near our home :) ) and three of them made it to the final cut. I call them "the living", "the stuck" and "the dying". Go figure. Weeks ago I stumbled upon a baby forest snake who was squirming away into the shadows, I made a short clip and have forgotten about it - too bad, a snake has some many meanings. She could have had a part in this forest-short. Anyways, maybe I'll make a "snake-only" piece. next time :)
Thanks again and all the best,