Hi everyone,

I'm finally starting a rack and would like to have some opinions on it! I currently have a 0-coast and a matriarch but I would like the modular to function as a whole instrument without having to pair it with other instruments.

The main purpose is to have fun and create interesting rhythms and melodic lines but also to explore a more cinematic soundscape approach if possible.

Here is the rack: ModularGrid Rack

The only thing I've ordered so far is the case/cables, BIA and Quadratt.

I'm still considering swapping the uVCA for something else, I'll start with Quad VCA and see what my needs are while patching before considering the uVCA.

I'm also checking other options instead of Cold Mac. The Survey knob is appealing to me but it seems that there are many cool logic/function modules out there and I would like to hear some opinions. I've checked Plog, Compare 2, Logica XT (unfortunate that it's odd number HP) and Mixwitch also..

The idea of getting a BeeHive instead of plaits is also on table, I'm hoping it isn't to hard to jam with the nano modules..


Hi Sumo,

You got quite some "bling" in your rack ;-) Or fancy modules, which is of course on one hand very nice, tough for a small rack like this perhaps a bit too fast to start with, reconsider the (larger) modules like: Rene, Falistri, Arbhar and Mimeophon. Also consider either a larger rack or plan less and keep some space free.

Since you have already planned a quad VCA, perhaps you can ditch the µVCA first and consider it for a later stage.

Beside (or instead of) the Stages you might want to consider additional EGs and LFOs as well. One more filter wouldn't harm either. If I am not mistaken, I only see one oscillator (Plaits)? Consider at least one more oscillator, an analogue one perhaps (VCO)? The combination of Plaits (DCO) and a VCO might be nice.

Consider to start with a few modules only, keeping some space free, build up experience and then add a few more modules, you will see that your opinion on the original planned casing might change here and there a bit. In general I would focus a bit more on classical components (like VCOs, filters, EGs, LFOs, VCAs, etcetera and a bit less those "real nice" (i.e. fancy) modules, that's more once you build up some experience with your rack.

Well, good luck with the planning, keep reading & checking on everything to obtain more information and kind regards, Garfield Modular.