This is my attempt at a late 70s/early 80s post-punk kind of thing. All of the music was recorded live on my modular in a single take with no overdubs, and the video is a glitchy lo-fi mashup of some Cure videos. If you like Seventeen Seconds and Unknown Pleasures, this is my amateur attempt at a similar vibe.
Furthrrr Generator, Plaits, E352, Blck_Noir, DrumF*ck, Gristleizer filter, and Milky Way

As always, thanks for allowing me to fill your time.

Hi Farkas,

How can a weekend better start than with a video track of yours? :-) The amazing thing I always feel with your tracks is that you completely make that with your modular system, that's pretty impressive!

At certain moments and parts of your music, it reminds me a bit of Cocteau Twins and earlier music of Dead Can Dance :-) So I guess your late 70s/early 80s fits quite well, I like those references to those "good old times" ;-)

Personally I wouldn't mind if you would clean your video/recording heads to get slightly bit clearer video effects ;-)
I am just teasing you! It's obvious you do this on purpose, nice that you used Cure material for that, not that much is left of it but it's nice to know :-)

But that's the fun-factor of your videos, it makes the listener and viewer curious to what you come up with next, so keep it coming and thanks a lot for having such a good start of the weekend! Kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks for your time, Garfield. I really appreciate your willingness to check out my strange art projects.
I love all of that early post-punk and goth (Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, the Cure, Bauhaus), and I love more obvious synth music like Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, techno, Aphex Twin, etc. I just like to see what genres my rack and I are capable of with some limitations. My new sequencer should arrive Monday, so I will probably start working on some more complex music soon.
As far as the videos go, I have a whole theme or philosophy behind the muddy distorted aesthetics. Maybe when I am done with this project I will clean my tape heads and put together something more clean and modern. :)
Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

Hi Farkas,

What sequencer did you give yourself? I hope you will make a demo track with that? Can't wait for that, I am sure you make something nice out of it :-)

As from Monday: Have fun with your new sequencer and till then have a great weekend, Garfield.

I decided on the Winter Modular Eloquencer. It looks like the best sequencer option for the way I like to work.
I'm sure I will share something soon. I hope you decide to share more of your music as well!