Hey folks,
I connected an 18th century harmonograph to a 21st century synth. Lissajous drawings, each with their own modular soundtrack.

You can hear the whole album here:

Hope you enjoy!

Hey Wavne,

Wow! This is beyond enjoy, this is amazing and fantastic at the same time :-) And I am only talking about the harmonograph...

But then you connected it, with sensors, somehow the harmonograph with your modular system as well, that makes it even more amazing. From all the modular synth "usages" here on this forum, I think yours is the most amazing and beautiful way of combining two different devices so harmonious!

I would love to see more videos that combine this amazing drawing together with the music it creates with your modular synth! Beautiful!

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hey thanks Garfield Modular. I should have posted a link to my website too as you can see all the drawings there, plus it has the code if anyone wants to have a go at building one. I'll put a video up on YouTube of how I built it. Many thanks for your kind support.