Hi Gabor,

That's a nice experimental track :-) How is the usage of the Intellijel Joystick, are you happy with it? I saw you were using it here. Is it easy in use? He, he, love to see your OP-1 being part of your setup, nice synth!

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Garfield,
Thanks for your feedback (as always :) ). I was close to selling the Planar but with the arrival of the Benjolin it's found its way back to the rack. I'd say it's easy to use, especially as a 4-channel vector mixer and also as a mod source when fully loaded (all input channels busy and all..). The joystick comes handy every now and then but you don't have to tweak it, CV in mods can do some tricks there. The Planar v2 has even more tricks up its sleeve as you can records the "animation" process then play it back.

Here's another track with the Benjolin, this time a more elaborate one. The OP-1 is again in use - anything that inspires me on the long run becomes a part of my setup :) I was luck bastard 6 years ago when OP-1s went for "only" 800 euros new - now they are 1400. Just plain crazy.
Thanks and cheers, Gabor

Hey Gabor,

Thanks a lot for your feedback on the Planar module by Intellijel. It's most likely more interesting than I thought :-)

Wow, your latest track here, that's seriously nice! Everything comes nice together, it's not over complicated yet seriously intriguing. Your main sounds are in the perfectly stereo middle, hitting exactly the stereo sweet spot, nice!

I like the sound of that high-tone clicking sound that kicks in at about 0:24. Don't get me wrong here, I love high tone sounds, so I am not saying easily that this high tone is a bit too loud in volume, at least personally I wouldn't mind it to be a slightly bit reduced in volume then I think you got a perfectly well matching track here.

I love it, this is how every weekend should start :-) Thanks for giving me a good start of the weekend and kind regards, Garfield.

P.S.: I keep pressing the repeat/play button, listening now for the 5th or 6th time?! Brilliant mate!

Hey Garfield,
Thanks again for your feedback, glad you like this track. The high clicks are hats from the Nord Drum and yes, now that you say, they might be a little seperated from the rest of the mix. They stand out, so to speak. This a question of taste... or unprofessionalism on my side :) No hard feelings here and I appreciate your feedback on this as well. I always try to learn. This track may make it to my next release and I'll definitely mix it again before it happens. Thanks again Garfield!
All the very best, G