any thoughts on this rack? open to any and all suggestions

I see that you have already changed out most of the modules pictured here. What are you wanting to accomplish music-wise? It looks like you are going for the generative ambient sound with the modules pictured here. In this rack, I would think you will want at least a quad VCA to CV volume/amplitude.
It's not going to be very fun to work with all of the 2hp modules you have in your other build, modulation-wise or workflow-wise. I'm a fan of larger modules with more modulation options. Modulation weirdness is the fun of modular, and many of the 2hp modules don't give you a lot of options.
Have fun and good luck!

@farkas, just updated the case if your down to take a look

I think if I was dead set on the micro Mutable clones and 84hp, I would go with something like this:
ModularGrid Rack

You still haven't mentioned what kind of music you are trying to create, or given us any idea if you have any other gear to pair with a modular, so this is all just guesswork. First and foremost, I would recommend buying a larger case than you think you currently need though. That would be the first universal piece of advice I could give.

@farkas, sorry I didnt clear things up before, I am a hammered dulcimer player (primary instrument); my live and recorded work usually revolves around pre-recorded dulcimer samples which are converted from pitch to midi via ableton then ableton is used to sequence an elektron analog 4 MKI. I have a bunch of external piezo mic'ed gear which makes me think I want some pre-amp modules like the ears. I make ambient music and was looking to put together a small generative synth for my first eurorack setup. Since becoming more knowledgeable about my current system (pretty much everything besides the micro plaits and disting) I am realizing that I need more space to build the machine which can match my required level of modulation and expression. Thanks for the help, will be building a bigger case...

Ah, that sounds like a great combination of instruments. In that case, I would definitely get something like the Doepfer A-119 or a similar mic/instrument preamp with envelope follower. Rings and Clouds would likely both be really fun with a dulcimer.
I've been using two of the TipTop Mantis cases (208 hp each) along with two Make Noise skiffs (104hp each), and I would highly recommend the Mantis in regards to value for money. They have been having trouble with low stock, but I'm sure you could find one soon.
Have fun and good luck!