Been really busy this past week and also preparing to move "all the things" into a Structure EP-420 and onto a new studio desk. Managed to sneak in a quick little jam last night. Started with Marbles and Rene into DPO and Trident and let things evolve. Should be settled in by the weekend for some sit down time with the new setup.

Thanks for listening!

Hi Mowse,

This is serious stuff! You are blowing my head clean off with this track ;-) The way you take your time and slowly build up the tension in the track and let the listener relax, sit back, and yet very exciting listening experience.

I can put a lot more prose here but this is just fantastic, so good, so enjoyable! No further words needed other than that I want your list of concert data! The only bugger at the moment is Covid but straight after that I hope you will consider a few concerts in Germany :-)

I look forward in seeing you performing live and kind regards, Garfield.

Thank you, for the kind words. I really appreciate it.

I've just finished the new studio setup. The Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-420 is larger than life and beautifully made. Fire away at the sliding nuts, but I don't mind. It's simply gorgeous.

Looking forward to getting right to work on some new tracks.

Hi Mowse,

Yes, I saw your picture of your EP-420, looks great indeed. It's a bit difficult to get here (Germany) Pittsburgh casing or modules at all, so I hope that will change in the future and will keep in mind the Pittsburgh casings, they certainly have a nice touch!

I look forward to hearing more nice stuff from you :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

Nice one @mowse, really dug the voice intro at 4:50 or so, well done and very artful!