Got my Panharmonium yesterday. That Module is wonderful. You can transform a Loop into something completely different.

It's not an Instant Ambient Machine, you really have to carefully peel out the Sounds from the Source Marterial.

I decided to make a few Demo Tracks, showing that you can turn crappy Loops into Ambient.

Here is my first "Everything is Ambient" Session with the Panharmonium.The Panharmonium is the only Soundsource (with Reverb from ZDSP). I fed the Panharmonium with a short Loop from NebulaeV2.

I start with only 1 Oscillator and slowly stacking up to 11 Oscillators.

A few seconds after the Track ends you can hear the Loop from Nebulae without Panharmonium and ZDSP.

Very cool. Nice work.
I got my Panharmonium last week, and it's a game changer for me. It seems to be a polarizing module over on MW, but I feel like you can fit it into almost any patch with some work.

Hi Quantum Erase,

Oh yes! That sounds nice ambient :-) Nice reverb too!

Looking at the price, it's a difficult decision. I wonder... if the input you feed to this module is a rather "fast changing pattern" (for example a quick arpeggio) can this module then follow it suit and still everything as nice as you demo it here?

Ha, ha, the last half minute is fun, the music without the Panharmonium, that really demonstrates what this beast can do! :-)

Thank you very much for sharing this with us and demonstrating the Panharmonium. Kind regards, Garfield.

Awesome! I, too, picked one up last week. It's going to be amazing from ambient drones. I'll drop my first try with it tonight.

This is great stuff. Really love how it evolves. I've got to try a variation of your patch using Nebulae v2, Mimeophon, and Eventide Space.

Let's all share what we're getting out of Panharmonium! That's a pain to type...

Ok. This thing was worth the price tag. It can stay. I won't even charge it rent.

Hi Mowse.

So which modules do pay you a rent? I need those modules, get some side-income to finance some other modules ;-)

Have a good weekend and enjoy the Panharmonium... oh typing that is quite okay ;-) Kind regards, Garfield.