The bed sound comes from the #ADDAC105 4 Voice Cluster going through some Monsoon Clouds reverb.
The lead sound is the #Makenoise #STO through the #HappyNerding #HNVCF with drive, sequenced from the #PittsburghModular #MicroSequence.
Percussion is from the ADDAC103, Bass drum split off to a Mono channel and the other three blippy parts are panned around using the #Omsonic UPE (Universal Panning Expander), the T-Networks is controlled by the #DNiPro #DOT which in-turn is modulated by the #Instruo / #Divkid #Ochd.
There is a little hint of the #2hp Bell in there and some Hats coming from the #Roland TR-09.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh that's some nice piece of musical art while showing off your new ADDAC 103 :-) Nice!

Thanks a lot for the details on how you did this, interesting to read, at least for me it is. What I loved about this track is that kind of wave-sound that went throughout the entire track, how did you make that one? Did you used the Ochd for that? And the voice?

Looks like I need that 103 too :-) You don't have regrets of not getting the 104? Going for a good user interface with the 103 is still the better choice, isn't it?

Thank you very much and kind regards, Garfield.

Cheers guys :)

@Garfield - Having got the ADDAC 105 (4 voice cluster) its the same form-factor as the 104, if I chose again i would maybe go with the 104 instead of the 103 as the knobs and switches are soooooooo close to each other. Though, that said once I've picked and set my percussion sounds on the 103 I can pretty much leave it alone.

The wave drone sound comes from the Ochd modulating the Cut-off on the 105 (then going through Clouds reverb) weird little beast, actually thought it was faulty, though I seem to be assured otherwise by ADDAC. Something to do wih how the settings of one knob effect the others and to the point where there will be no sound, but you can get some nice results though just a lot of variables.... whether hitting it with Gates, Triggers or LFOs all change the character of the sound that comes out with the varying settings of Decay.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Thanks a lot for the detailed information, very interesting and very tempting :-)

A bit surprising that the 103 is a bit of a struggle regarding the space with the knobs, that's a bit of a disappointment then :-( So the 104 would be the better choice then? Since the knobs are smaller and more further away from each other that should be easier or more comfortable to use?

Thank you very much for the feedback and kind regards, Garfield.

Yep the 104 will definitely be easier to use.