Hi everyone, I am new to modular and exploring some ideas. I'd appreciate any feedback or ideas about this rack

A bit of background: I am currently aiming to add some sound processing and shaping capability to my home studio. As a priority I'd like to have more ability to add movement, modulation and frequency control to my external polysynths (I own a Digitone and Korg Volca. I'm considering buying a Korg Wavestation).

So messing around with the rack builder, my first iteration is focused on filtering and lfo/envelope generation. I expect to be using an external sequencer to sequence the modulation - probably the Digitone to start with to trigger envelopes/lfos etc.

(Also I realise there's not a lot to it!)

ModularGrid Rack

I am a big fan of Chain Reaction records. Part of the sound palette I'm trying to unlock includes sounds a bit like this - crunchy phasing and notch filtering, long high end sweeps, as well as punchier synth generated percussive sounds.

I like the idea of adding warmth and drive - but I'm generally not interested in acid sounds or excessively distorting the signal. (I initially looked at Sherman Filterbank, but it was far too focused on sound mangling)

Filter => Belgrad
- I love the control you seem to get on the Belgrad, especially the balance knob, so I'm not just tied to tweaking the cutoff.
- Are there other filters I could be looking at?

Envelope/LFO => Maths
- Er, its a Maths. I've never used one, but it seems right for the LFO and envelope work I'd need something to do. In general, I'm interested in how far I can get with LFOs rather than ADSR for plucking, sweeps etc
- Anything else I should be considering for this kind of use case?

Line In => A119
- An envelope follower on the in seems like a common sense move for a rig like this.

Line out =>Ladik A541
- On the off-chance that I ended up with 2 parallel signals, this could take them and mix them.

MIDI to CV - External
- I will certainly want to sequence the modulation, but that will probably start off being done with an external Midi to CV device, as I think we have one lying around.
- Are there any specific benefits to having MIDI to CV in the case?

As well as feedback on these choices, I'd also be interested in where I could take this - especially if anyone has any fancy ideas :) Potentially interested in:
- any module that could add unexpected new functionality to the rack. I like the idea of doing something with the Belgrad self-oscillation.
- other audio processing that might work in a rack like this. Considering things like chorus, phase shift, freeze...
- Semi-stereo-ish? I'm not sure I have the budget or inclination to commit to stereo across the whole rack - but I'm possibly interested in any efficient ways to apply some stereo widening at some point in the chain


I would have to recommend a few different configurations in the same 20hp that Maths takes up. I have Maths, but I think there are better solutions for most people (myself included). Batumi, Zadar, Joranalogue Contour, Happy Nerding 3xMIA for attenuverting/mixing duties... As the track you posted features a lot of lo-fi vocoding and noise, I would suggest considering a Disting MkIV or Disting EX for a boatload of functionality (including vocoder, filters, effects, LFOs, etc.) in a small space. I use a MkIV for vocoding with the A119 and an Acid Rain Chainsaw for a similar effect as the track posted. Noise generators are pretty easy to find too. The Bastl Noise Square looks like a good small option (5hp).
Have fun and good luck!

Thanks, I really appreciate these suggestions.

The Maths debate seems like a fairly frequent one in these parts. This had definitely given me some other options to check out.

I really like the Ladik in- or outputs like the Ladik A541 (I have 3 dual inputs (A545) and 1 dual output (A540)).
But I prefer not to use them as end module.
I use it to interface other gear (2 semi modular synts both stereo outputs, and 1 effect box dual in/dual out), but not as final output module (to an external amplifier or mixer).
For that purpose I took the Rosie in combination with a Pico DSP, the Rosie has 2 inputs (1/8 mono: eurorack level) and 1 output (1/4 stereo line level) and a headphone (1/4 stereo) output.

But it has also a send (mono) and return (dual mono) which pairs well with the Pico DSP.
The only thing I encountered is that both channels take the same amount of processing (by the DSP) so I don't have the possibility to mix processed signal with another unprocessed signal.
Then I need to put the effect between the mixer/VCA and the Rosie.

A nice option for movement in LFO's is the Batumi.

Thanks so much for this. Learning about the pros and cons of these modules and their applications is super fun.

Is lack of send/return the main reason you wouldn't recommend the Ladik modules for this use case?

I have thought about this a bit. My initial plan is to send the output to an external (non modular) mixer, which has sends and effects available to all my gear - for example I've got a Boss sampler that I can use as an effects box for now.

So for now there doesn't seem to be a good enough reason to include delay/reverb in the case. In the future I'd love to have a set of bespoke modular effects - and the option to use the modular as stand alone, or hooked up to the sends on my main mixer.

But aside from the range of modules available, I'm not seeing too many unique benefits from using modular for delay/reverb right now. I guess being able to rhythmically duck a reverb or delay reverb could be cool?

I think in that case a ladik out could be enough, it is only 4 hp I thought, so you save some space also.