Hey hey.

My ALM Pip Slope and my Erica Synth Black Quad VCA are not playing well. It sounds like the envelope does not fully close or open. This is because the output voltage of the Pip Slope is 0V – +5V and the Quad VCA is expecting -10V – +10V. Is there anything I can do to scale the voltage out of the Pip Slope? Thoughts? Feelings? Premonitions!?!? :)


You can amplify your Pip Slope envelope to 0-10v with a channel of your vca. Something like this. You will need an offset if you want negative cv.

Awesome idea defragmenteur! Thanks! This kinda worked. It definitely increased the contrast of the signal but not fully. It also unfortunately removed most of the decay.

Do you think I could run the signal of the Pip Slope through a mult, then take 2 channels into a mixer? Will that double my voltage? Could I do this with 3 channels and then through an offset? I really wish I had something like Data so I could monitor what my CV is actually doing haha :D

After doing some research, I saw the Frap Tools 321 which would probably solve my problem.

The CV Input on my Intellijel Quad VCA was set to linear. If it's exponential it will smooth curves. I dont know if it's possible to change this on the Erica. I test it with a triangle from pamela new workout and was able to reach 10v and the shape was not altered.

Your right! Looking at the manual, the Erica Synths Quad VCA's only has linear response. Bogus!

Well the Pip Slope at least works well for modulation and with my filters as a LPG. Now I just have to figure out if I am going to get another VCA to boost my envelope signal for my VCA hahah

Thank you for all the help!

Hi Derek the Diver,

It's a bit pity to use a VCA as a kind of pre-VCA for yet another VCA :-)

If you have a Make Noise - Maths or ModDemix you might be able to get it done with those as well, not sure, I haven't tested it myself but from the look and the quick read from the manual it looks like they should be able to help you out. The Maths Channel 2 should be taken if you consider the Maths, channel 3 has an offset of -/+5 V only while channel 2 can go up till -/+10 V.

Not sure if this helps and in case you seriously want to use a pre-VCA for a VCA and you consider to buy a new VCA for that, consider then the Waldorf - DVCA1, that's a fantastic and underestimated VCA, it can do linear or exponential or both, whatever you want and has an additional boost of up to +13.5 dB.

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

You are right, using a VCA as a pre-VCA is definitely silly :D

Thank you for the advice, GarfieldModular! A lot of good ideas here. Unfortunately I don't have a tone of modules so my options are limited. At the moment I am just looping the Pip Slope through my current VCA to boost the sound even though it is altering my decay. Thank you for the tip about the Waldorf - DVCA1, I will definitely look into it!