ModularGrid Rack

Hello everyone, after an important amount of time spent searching, learning and studying i came out the final version of my “work in progress” rack; my case includes a 3U 104 hp, 2800mA on the +12V, 500 on the - 12V and 4000 mA on the 5V!
Now, from this case the MI Rings, MN Wogglebug, Erica Synths Quant and Doepfer mult are already in and the ES-9 is on pre-order.
When i was first started building it i thought the VCAs and filters were coming from VCV rack, but it makes more sense to get from there what VCV is best at: logic, utility and function generator modules!
So, i just decided to change my rig and go for a complex oscillator, a clock generator and modulator like the Pamela’s, a nice filter and a quad cascade mixer/VCA.
In addition to this rack i have an Arturia Minibrute 2S which will provide one voice, 1 to 3 ADSR eg, 1 AD eg, 2 to 5 LFOs and a 4 tracks step sequencer (16 to 64 steps x 8 patterns)!

I’ve already posted my rack in MuffWigglers, some of you may already know it... with this said, what do you think about this case? hopefully i'll manage to get something crazy out of it!

I find XAOC Odessa to be a very interactive complex oscillator that craves a lot modulation, much like Basimilus Iteritas Alter.

If your style is to supply that modulation from VCV Rack via the ES-9 and to supplement with Pamela's New Workout then that will certainly do the job. My approach is to feed Odessa with the many knobs and sliders of modules like Maths, Marbles, Stages, Quadrax, and Planar so that I can interact with it in a very tactile way. Pamela's New Workout provides a lot of modulation sources but doesn't lend well to knob turning and sometimes leads to menu diving. If you want to play Odessa by hand then you might lean on the Microbrute knobs for that. I guess this boils down to style and approach.

One last thing: maybe consider swapping Quant for a Make Noise LxD (dual low pass gate) to open up more possibilities for Odessa (bonus: cleaning up that leftover 1hp slot). I'm assuming that Wogglebug -> Quant -> Rings was a thing in the rack's prior life, but now you've got a complex oscillator stealing the show, so priorities might change.

Anyhow, just my $.02. Looking forward to hearing noises from your new build.