After migrating to the new EP-420 case, I had a bunch of modules that didn't make the cut for the new layout. So, I moved most of them into a 104hp skiff and dropped Batumi alongside them.

This is "Leftover Lasagna." It stows in a travel bag and can be powered via Polyend Anywhere. It sets hard limits and pushes me to hunt for solutions, but for a small surface it is super fun to tweak and explore.

Let me explain why I sacrificed DivKid's S&H for this build... I'm buying another one for the EP-420.
Love/hate relationship with Milky Way for many reasons, but past noise issues and I can 'feel' the firmware. I don't know...

I dont have noise issues with the milky way but the selected airbank led is confusing since when it is flashing blue it's the darkwaves bank (red) that is active and vice-versa.