I’m looking to fill my first rack-I’d like to keep it small for now, so I’ve been eyeing an Intellijel Pallet Case.

Here’s what I have at the moment:
Here’s what I have at the moment

It’s centred around Chords for polyphony (and chords) and the Mimeophon for texture and effects.
I currently have a Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1 and a Deluge to help expand things, but it would be nice for the case to be self-sufficient.

The Disting is there to fill any gaps, but is there something standalone that I’m missing? Any help or suggestions would be super appreciated! Thank you!

Double check that the Disting fits. IIRC it doesn't.

This configuration will be okay to augment your other equipment, but you could do better if building a standalone instrument.

Conventional wisdom is to start with a bigger case. For about the same cost of the Palette you can get the Tip Top Mantis.

If you're in love with the Palette format, then study Andrew Huang's system,. He put together a really good balance of sound generation / modulation and effects.


Took a crack at a similar rack including Chords & Mimeophone. Added a Quad VCA, multi-mode filter, another digital voice and swapped Maths for Zadar.

Thank you bhenry1790 for the thoughtful response!

I didn’t realise that the Disting doesn’t fit-that would’ve been disappointing. I’d better make sure I double check those details in the future.

It is tempting to go for a bigger rack for sure, apart from the fact that it will likely go unfilled for years :(. I was partly inspired by Andrew’s video, but looking back at my rack I can see how it just couldn’t be self-sufficient. Thanks for taking the time putting a rack together-yours is far superior in functionality without losing the core elements.

for sure! take any advice with a grain of salt. modular is a very personal experience