im in the middle of building a eurorack system for ambient/Dark Ambient style.

right now i have chosen as a sequencer the korg sq-1 so i can get to start knowing the different modules i have sofar.

the main sound source in the rack right now is the Synthesis Technology E352,i would like to connect the korg sq-1 into that,and then do the modulation stuff with Maths.

but i cant really get the korg to "control" or "play2 The E352.

any tips on how to connect this up?

Doepfer has some basic patchs examples. If you look at the minimal patch, you will replace the A-190-3 by one track of your SQ-1, the A-110-2 VCO by your E352, the A-130 VCA by one channel of the Tallin or the Quad VCA and the A-140 Env by Contour, Maths or Zadar. If you use Math, plug the gate of the sq-1 in channel 4 trigger and Channel 4 out to the vca CV input. Play with rise and fall to shape the envelope.