New to this forum and to eurorack. I'm trying to send clock from logic pro x to my Erica synths black midi to cv. But the clock signal from logic is always 4 times faster than the actual tempo, going in 16ths basically. I can't figure out why, tried everything! Help!

Related, but not sure if fixable: I some time use my old Korg R3 as a midi controller for my eurorack system. It works great but the korg R3 doesn't send a clock signal at all. Or the erica Synths module doesn't register it. Any ideas?

Hi JRenklint,

Always 4 times faster... that's weird isn't it, looks like a setting to me. Did you had a closer look into the Logic Pro already? Perhaps somewhere multiplied the clock before sending it out on MIDI? It also could be a setting in the Erica Synths - Black MIDI to CV module but that one you should be able to find in the manual.

For the moment as a work around (till you found the problem) you could use a modular divider and divide the clock by 4 then you are back to the original clock signal :-)

Good luck with the troubleshooting and kind regards, Garfield Modular.