Uh-oh, here comes farkas with more of his weird lo-fi glitch art project. :)
As always, thanks for letting me fill your time.

Nice one @farkas! Good balance musically and between the instruments, excellent craft work like all your other pieces lately. I think I can feel the late 90s influence again too, maybe a pinch of Fly Pan Am or Stereolab in the vocals. Keep it up!

Thanks @troux. I like to limit myself to what I can accomplish in one take. Aside from the glitchy vocal sample, which was overdubbed, this was what came out in a single attempt.

Hi Farkas,

Interesting way of looking at that (you said: "thanks for letting me fill your time") however I would rather like to thank you for sharing your work, for making interesting videos and modular synth music that invites the listener to be absorbed into your creativity :-) I enjoyed the full length of this track.

Thank you very much for filling up my time with your art work! Kind regards, Garfield.

Thank you Garfield. I always appreciate your willingness to check out everyone's work. It's nice to have an open-minded sounding board to try out different ideas.
For anyone who is interested, here’s my rough explanation of the concept behind this current project:
The idea started a few years back when a colleague misunderstood a totally benign message that was sent via email, and that got me thinking about all of the layers of error that technology brings. For each different algorithm and layer of technology, new sources of error are introduced, often obscuring any meaning behind the intended message. These errors and algorithms limit what we see on social media, blind us to the human element on the other side of the screen, filter important information, and amplify misinformation. The videos I make are an exploration of that: A VHS tape (inherently flawed technology) run through multiple layers of circuit bent mixers into an old CRT TV which is recorded by an iPhone and transferred via Bluetooth to a laptop, edited in amateur software, compressed into YouTube’s algorithm, and further compressed by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The modern technologies each further ruin the media. And yet we rely on them every day.
The music is my reaction to that. Most of the music I share is limited to one single take of me “performing” improvisationally with a predetermined set of sounds and rules. I may overdub one element or do some minor editing, but for the most part I just press “Record” once. I become the algorithm, and you get to hear my mistakes in real time through as few layers as possible. I make all of my music on limited, mostly outdated, hardware with a limited brain and limited talent. There’s no sparkly façade of professional software, editing or post-production tricks, or Autotune.
I tend to choose sounds and images that have a nostalgic vibe (for me), but any emotional subtext is purely subconscious and unintentional on my part. I’m sure you could unpack some of my psyche by analyzing my choices, but that would just add another layer of mistakes and uncertainty.
For this project, the errors are the point.

Hi Farkas,

That's a very good point regarding misunderstood messages/communications between each other. Your project describing these kind of errors and your musical reaction to that, I feel, is a very interesting approach. It makes your videos much more understandable. Funny, the music was already understandable for me :-)

Still I guess I will have included a few errors here and there in this and other messages of mine but this makes me only more "hungry" at listening at more tracks/videos of your very interesting project! So keep that stuff coming, I am ready for it to add a few "errors" on top of those already implemented ;-)

Nice and thank you very much for sharing this in so many details, kind regards, Garfield.

Edit: removed typo.

It is an excellent initiative to have described the concept that guides your music and video production.
Thank you already for that.
Moreover, I think this line is particularly coherent and brilliant.
Happy man. So many creations lack that support of reason that opens the doors to creative expression.
And the result here is (still) very, very good.

Thanks for the feedback Sweelinck! I appreciate you.
I'm exploring a different project now, but I may return to this idea at some point.