Apparently still trying to debug this mixer right/left balance issue. Thought I had it pegged but in reality I think this poor little mixer is finally giving up the ghost after ten years. Anyhow...

Wrapped up the final touches on the EP-420 case migration early this morning, moving a few modules and cleaning up the internal wiring. Later this afternoon, I had a 30 minute window between meetings and managed to jam out this fun little patch that brings in one of my Moog Mother 32's. Hope you enjoy it.

Hi Mowse,

I am sorry to hear you are facing problems with your mixer :-( I hope you find a solution :-) Buying a new one? ;-)

If wrapping up your EP-420 case is the consequence of this fantastic music, I would like to ask you to keep wrapping up your EP-420 every week or so :-)

It sounds so naturally, so easy going, the music you create, it's amazing and yes, keep on coming with "stuff" like this! Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.