ModularGrid Rack

Hey all,

This is what my first setup is looking like so far. I'm trying to do generative ambient music. I still have 18 hp left, but I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet. How does this setup look so far? Thanks!

personally I would have fewer sound sources and get full size ones so that they are easier to play with

but more seriously, I would dump the ochd - pams and maths (plus pachinko) is enough modulation in this size case imo - instead use utility modules, such as mutable links and kinks and a matrix mixer to derive lots of related modulation

Thanks Jim. I thought about getting the full size ones, but smaller knobs don't really bother me too much as my hands aren't that big. Plus, I figured I could save a little money that way.

Good call on the kinks. Do I need the links if I have the 3:1 mixer? Or should I grab two 3:1 mixers? Couldn't I also use this as a not so pretty way of doing it as well? I didn't think about the matrix mixer though. That's a good suggestion.

Also, I forgot to mention I have a Mackie VLZ802 I'd be using as an outboard mixer to go to my interface.

well good luck with that I don't have particularly large hands and I definitely prefer bigger modules with larger knobs and more space between the knobs and jacks - but each to their own

go slowly buy a few modules at a time - that way you can answer these questions yourself - it's your synth - if you can get similar functionality to links from other modules (and you prefer those other modules) then do so - personally I always find it useful to have a buffered mult etc etc

yeah the bored brains things will work, but you'll probably want a few, easily loose them, drop them on the floor and step on them, spill coffee on them etc...

I'm definitely going to buy a few modules at a time and then see what I'm missing or where I want to go.

And my bad. That 3:1 is definitely not a mult haha. I meant to put this instead The MI Links look great though. I guess it would be better than the ALA one since I could do mult a stereo in, and still have space free for more inputs. Perhaps I'll have one ALA mult, and one links. Does this seem like a good idea?

One reason I moved to larger, complex oscillators is due to their incredible depth and flexibility. I started out with STO, Dixie, and Plaits. I love each of these little oscillators but wouldn't trade all three for any one of my complex oscillators (Trident, DPO, Odessa, and Telharmonic). Sure, in a smaller case they are sometimes hard to justify, but stick Odessa in this one and it could easily create a powerful generative ambient landscape.

Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for the suggestion Mowse. The Odessa sounds beautiful!