A four oscillator drone with: Rossum-Electro Trident, XAOC Odessa, Make Noise DPO, and a Moog Mother 32 through QPAS, Panharmonium, Clouds, and Mimeophon. Just a relaxed evening session, letting this patch unfold and evolve slowly.

Hi Mowse,

Oh come on! This is not fair, I just recently arrived back home from the many outer space journeys I had by your tracks and a few other members around here. I enjoyed having Internet access again because that's a serious issue there in outer space but now you hyper spaced me again somewhere beyond Saturn, if I am not mistaken, at least it looked like Saturn that I just saw passing by.

Well, thanks a lot for sharing this nice track, providing me this beautiful feeling of travelling through space, switching of the mind from the daily stress and just focus on your music, yeah that's what I call relaxing and well... the imagination as you can see, that follows kind of automatically with your music.

Thanks a lot and spacious regards, Garfield.

Hey, thanks! I really appreciate it. I'm learning a lot from this new build. It's really just awesome to sit in front of this thing and explore. Next week, I am on vacation and looking forward to some evening sessions.

Hi Mowse,

I can't wait for your holiday and I am hoping for some fruitful demos :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.