Effects are delivered by my Soundcraft mtk mixer. How balanced does it look? Modulation is kinda' missing in here...Do you think Atlantis fits this module selection? Should I consider another rack, just for the Atlantis?
alt text

taking into account effects from mixer - there is too much space taken by sound sources and ways to play

atlantis is huge, utsa is huge

unless these are both must haves - consider dropping one or both - definitely consider keeping only one of utsa and fh-1

modulation is ok for this size case (Maths and pams) but more utilities needed to leverage them into enough for all modules

do you really need steppy? (pams can do a lot)

the MMF is tiny and may be difficult to get to especially if you have medium sized or above fingers

Blinds - are you sure you want a vca that doesn't fully close - it's difficult to dial in exactly 0 - as a starter I would recommend a simpler quad cascading vca - such as Veils (if you desperately want a ring mod - get a small one after freeing some space)

Do you really need 2 * row power - iirc the 40 should be able to power 2 rows - or get a better power solution

Utility modules are the inexpensive dull polish that make the expensive shiny modules, actually shine and stops them from tarnishing - switches, attenuators, mixers, mults, offsets, etc etc

and yes I can hear you going - but I've got Maths and Shades for that!! Treat Maths as Maths it is a complex modulation source - not just a collection of utilities strapped to a pair of function generators - see the Maths Illustrated Guide - between them they are a great start - if you can fit them in in a later iteration of this rack - I would add links and kinks (great starter utility set) and a matrix mixer

Thank you Jim!