Please be gentle ... I’m sure I’ll have missed something that I need, included something I don’t need or that won’t work or probably both ... planning to build this in an Intellijel 62HP Palette


Do you need a headphone out and a mixer with outs? Area you could save some hp real estate. There are also smaller mixers or even the Disting MK4 that can be used. Pam's is great but do you need all it offers in clocking? You may be able to use 4ms or another smaller unit to do clocking. What specifically are you shooting for with the rig?

Thanks mate ... I know it’s vague but initially I want something that will give me interesting rhythmic/percussive grooves with a bit of random thrown in. Not really looking for traditional drum sounds or samplers at this point. As a novice, I’m not sure what I’d include if I freed up space by say slimming down from the Pam. I’ve watched so much on YouTube now and read a bunch of reviews but any thoughts on what be cool to include would be much appreciated.

Should say that I’ve inherited the case and 1U tiles so I’ve just left as is for now focussing just on the 3U modules. Did think about putting an Intellijel Quadratt in there but then I’d need to lose the noise tools and the headphone socket (which I guess I could).

Or slight variation ?

That helped. The BIA is awesome so you look like you have a pretty good set up. Burst generator and low pass gate are two areas I would look at. Kind of depends on how eclectic you want to get with the drums. The DFAM is also a good unit. It's major drawback is the reset. There is no way (that I know of) to stop and then have it restart on step 1 without doing it manually. I'd also check out the QD - Quad Drum Voice