I am new to modular and I am learning every day. I am thinking of moving towards this kind of set-up, but I'm afraid to mess things up. I have been using synths and sequencers for 10 years (for techno acid), but modular is ... so special and exciting.
Now, I have: Mixer, Plaits, Peaks and uVCA (and patching it with a Crave). The next modules will be: Prism (because filter and effects) and Maths (because ... its maths).

ModularGrid Rack

I mostly wonder about the second tier ... I'm not sure I have enough modulation sources for the VCOs (M303/Klavis). Maybe more ADSR and VCA?
I am also not sure that it is relevant to combine Pamela and Mimetic Digitalis.

Thank you already for your wise advices


pams and mimetic digitalis will complement each other well

you already have 2 adsrs in peaks - do you really need more? more vcas - good idea - you van never have too many!!!

dump - 30hp total

2hp euclid and pico trigger - these are redundant with pams

pico dsp - as the pico trigger is now gone - you want to even up you hp requirements and it only has mono in stereo out - and you have no stereo mixing capabilities

optomix - too big in this size case

monsoon - need space

intellijel buffered mult - you already have one buffered mult (links), do you really need a second? and third?


kinks - this will massively increase your modulation options in a small space

a cascading quad vca - veils or intellijel - these particular vcas can also be used as external inputs - as they are actually amplifiers instead of the usual vc attenuators

happy nerding fx aid - more effects - more choice - stereo - probably some dual mono effects as well

if you want stereo I'd also add: a panning mixer and a stereo mixer (maybe multiples of one or both)


Thank you for your answer. I suspected something was wrong with euclid / trigg.

Speaking of VCAs, I didn't realize how important it was to have a lot of them.
Regarding the envelopes, peaks is ok, but for now I also like to use it for tap lfo thats why ill purchase à Maths soon/

Regarding the effects, I did not know happy nerding ... so much in such a small module :)
Monsoon takes up space, I could switch it with a Uburst to save a little space ... if not, go towards mono effects like 2HP?

Thanks again, I will reconsider my setup with most of your suggestions.

Yeah, VCAs are super-duper important! In addition to controlling audio levels, you also use them for controlling modulation levels. Want a slowly-widening sinewave sweeper to modulate a VCO? You'll need a VCA after your mod source, and an EG to do the rise/fall of the waveform level, then send the result on to your VCO(s). You can also feed an audio signal into both the control and signal inputs and use a VCA as a very effective AM modulator. Or you can rig two up to work as an autopanner. And so on. Very much a bread-n-butter device.

As for the 2hp effects...if you're OK with not tweaking the controls on that module all the time, then sure. But something fitting into 2 hp of space doesn't lend itself to constant user manipulation. Keep that in mind...


I made some changes based on your advices ("never enough vca's", audio processing / effects / modulation sources) and made some changes. Small rack, so I try to privilege polyvanlent modules. I just wonder if the digital mimetic cannot be replaced by an O_c and maybe i need a stéréo mixer ...

What do you think of this set UP ?

Thanks !

ModularGrid Rack