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So I built this based off of research I did on modules. I'm into effects and I think I need a midi module but I'm not sure. Is there anything I need/don't need? I'd like to fit this set up into an Intellijel 7U 104HP case. If I scaled it down, what would be some things I should keep or don't necessarily need? Leaning towards the ambient side of things but also into sampling and noise. I use an MPC Live for drums. Thanks everyone!

the blatently obvious thing is that you have 2 uzeus power supply modules that you don't need as the intellijel cases are powered

why do you think you need a midi module?

it might be an idea to make sure your rack is public - I can't click through and there are some modules I don't quite recognise - unsurprising really considering there are over 7000 eurorack modules on the site

Yeah I realized my mistake and took them off. I'll make it public.

Note that the Audio I/O module from Intellijel is discontinued. They have split it in 2, Stereo Line Out and Stereo Line In, a total of 20HP instead of the 24HP used by Audio I/O.

Yeah I realized my mistake and took them off. I'll make it public.
-- moonstomp

but I still can't click through - maybe because it was private when posted - idk... anyway here's a link to the rack - ModularGrid Rack

why do you think you need a midi module? - you already have one in the 1u section

I'm not convinced it's the right midi module for you, if in fact you do need one, though - why? because you have more 'voices' than midi channels - maybe you don't need them all and are going to tune all your vcos to different scale notes or always use both dixie IIs at the same pitch - more channels gives more flexibility - but what do I know? I don't use midi

the way I look at this your rack is too many voices, too many big effects modules (do you really need 2 granular effects/voices?), a bit too much modulation and not enough support modules (utilities) for this size case - maybe just maybe enough vcas, but nowhere near enough mixing!

don't worry this is one of the most common starter 'dream' rack problems

my advice is to buy a minimum viable synth and grow slowly and 'organically' - that is start with:

1 sound source - a vco
1 sound modifier - an effect or filter
1 modulation source - one of maths, peaks, quadrax or pams
a way to play - a midi module if that's how you want to sequence
a way to listen - possibly just the 1u headphones to start with

maybe add the disting mk4

and learn to patch and play those modules inside and out - take your time - once you realise that you are missing something buy that module - if you buy the disting and find you are always using it for a specific purpose buy that module and use the disting for something else - and repeat until satisfied that you have all the modules you want and can get the most out of them - when you find you need a mixer, buy a mixer (get more channels than you think you will need, because you will need them sooner or later)

a quick word on mixing - you have both mono (vcos/filter) and stereo modules - you probably want to mix some of the vcos to send to the filter (need a basic unity mixer) or to one of the effects (and a panning mixer) and then mix the effects together (and a stereo mixer) before sending them to the outputs - plus some mixing for modulation sources (see a quick word on utilities)

a quick word on utilities - compared to a lot of other modules - utility modules are often seen as boring and not worth spending money on - especially by newbies - when in fact utilities are the inexpensive dull polish, that makes the expensive shiny modules actually shine and stops them tarnishing - spend some time researching the different types and how they are used - they are a great way of leveraging minimal modulation sources to being modulation powerhouses and promote variation - matrix mixers, logic, switches etc are extremely useful in this regard - some of these are implemented in disting. - but you will still need mixers - and remember as powerful and great as diting is it can only do 1 thing at a time

I would get some mults and other utilities perhaps S&H and more envelope generators? Perhaps start with a few core modules and build from there? I am starting with just a basic Doepfer A100 system and adding to that over time. Dead simple with VCO, filter, envelope generator (EG), dual VCA. I did add more VCAs, mults and another VCO and LFO to my build plus a quad EG/sequencer and two mixers to have choices to route send/receive of sound sources.

Go slowly is the best advice you are going to get.

@richc90 is 100% correct. Also try out stuff in the free VCV Rack software before spending any money on new modules. It helps learn routing and what works and the types of modules you like or don't like.