Hi all,

Looking for some advice on my first four chosen modules. These occupy the first row of my rack (excluding the 1u) and are as follows; Pam's, Maths, Rings, Varigate 4+. I would then, at a later stage, want to add the remaining Typhoon, uO_C and Quad VCA once I get a better idea of what I'm interested in. The aim is to make ambient textures with some more melodic patches as well to complement my drum and bass tracks. Thus, the aim is not to produce full modular tracks (hence no Hermod or comprehensive sequencer for example).

Further, I want to interface my Modular with Ableton and be able to run my Moog Sub37 through Typhoon etc at a later date, hopefully this explains the upper 1u tiles better!

Keen to hear your thoughts / any suggestions that could improve the rack!

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swap typhoon in instead of pams (and move this to last in order) - in the 4 starter modules

next module after those should be a quad cascading vca - I prefer veils (more gain), but the intellijel is also a good choice - as both of these amplify (most vcas are actually attenuators) - and you can use one of the channels to amplify the sub37 - not that you should need to - clouds has loads of input gain - typhoon should be the same - so try it first (you need a 1/4"->1/8" cable)

I'd probably choose between o&c and pams - and use the money saved to get some simple utility modules - logic, mixers, sequential switches etc

"some of the best base-level info to remember can be found in Jim's sigfile" @Lugia

Utility modules are the dull polish that makes the shiny modules actually shine!!!

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