ModularGrid Rack

leaning towards getting more make noise modules such, possibly maths, qpas, morphagene...i just used this rack templet because i couldnt find mine listed...not really sure what else i should be looking for, some people mentioned kinks, i feel like im definitely missing some sort of utility to make things work better...thanks

also this is being used with a minibrute 2s/drumbrute if that helps (since i have a drone beefy bass line/basic drums taken care of)

any suggestions on utility modules or anything?

might be an idea to lay it out like a rackbrute then, no?

it is very easy to change the number and size of rows and the hp! and with the power module

so it's easy to see how much space is actually available - 8hp??

by the sound of it the first thing you might want to buy is another case

and then a lot of basic utility modules - currently the case looks like an advert for a selection of the 10 most popular modules - workout what you can do with things like sequential switches, kinks -brilliant module, matrix mixers, attenuators etc - remember utilities are for modulation as well as audio - I would go for simpler cheaper functional building blocks over flashier more expensive ones - they generally provide much more flexibility - possibly at the cost of a few hp

of the modules that you mention I would definitely pick up maths though - it's a great module - a veritable patch-programmable analog computer - see the illustrated manual on line for more information