Well, I am guilty. Guilty. 10 days of vacation and all I did was fly my paraglider, fish for wild trout in mountain streams, and drink cold IPA's under clear, moonlit skies. It was terrible. So, tonight I got right back into it. Gave myself 10 minutes to create a patch and then played it. I reached for two Moog Mother 32's and DPO. Went with it. Thanks, to DivKid and Instruo for this awesome øchd.

Hi Mowse,

Damn guilty! :-) Looks like you didn't need the holiday at all to come up with a decent track. 10 minutes is enough for you! Looks like you had an incredible and enjoyable holiday too :-)

Wow... speechless to be honest. Well done and I hope you skip your holidays for the next few years and just give us once and a while another 10 minutes of your musical time :-) While waiting for your next ten minutes, I will click the play button of this track a few more times.

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

Thank you both for the kind words. Looking forward to getting more time in this week.