Just uploaded my first Test I made with the Mimosa today. Mimosa slowly kicks in at about 2:10. Maximum Drive i used is about 60%.

I really love how nicely the Mimosa distorts the Sound.

Please use Headphones!

1 Layer of Arbhar --> Mimosa --> ZDSP --> Out
Nebulae V2 is playing A Vocal Sample from the Movie "The Vengeance of She". The Sample is slowed down and pitched up. This goes into QPAS (Bandpass) --> Mimeophon --> Out

Hi Quantum_Eraser,

If you don't mind, I didn't use headphones, instead, since I saw it was you, I knew you would have something good up your sleeve, I straight away went to my listening chair and yes :-) I wasn't disappointed, very well done again!

Your track has a nice tension and provides a quite high excitement feeling to the listener, makes the listener stuck in the chair, can't move, just utterly impressed by your music! :-)

I stick with my statement earlier this year, back in May. Your music has a very good potential for movie sound tracks. For me you could be the next Hans Zimmer (and better if you would ask me). So let me know which first movie contains your music, can't wait for the movie as well as I can't wait for your music for that movie :-)

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

P.S.: If you don't mind I will press a few more times the repeat play button for your track, enjoying my night with your movie sound track, just waiting for the movie ;-)

Edit: Removed typo.

Sorry for my late Reply...

Thank you so much for your Kind Words about my Music :-)

But, Hans Zimmer.....it's a long Way to got. But do I really want to be Hans? I rather stay myself and
see where my Eurorack Journey is taking me :-)

I will upload new Video from a little Jam Session i made today :-)

Stay as you are!

Kind Regards from Switzerland

Hi Quantum Eraser,

He, he, of course you don't want to be a 2nd Hans, stay as you are. It was as a matter of speaking, naturally :-)

I will stay being Garfield as long as you stay as you are and come up with more good stuff ;-) Kind regards, Garfield.