Hi all,

I added a few new modules to spice up my Doepfer A100 Basic system. Here is what I have now:

ModularGrid Rack

What would you recommend to fill up the final HP for a complete build?

Hi Sacguy71,

My advice is to not fill it up at all for the moment :-) You just got your system, so build up more experience first, see how your own thoughts will develop parallel to your build up experience and then slowly take it from there.

Once this space is filled up your rack is full and you need a new case, so again, I would take it easy first :-) Enjoy the system as it is now, it's pretty nice to start and play around with as you did already, looking at your sonic contributions here!

Have fun with your rack and kind regards, Garfield.

Edit: Removed typo.

Hi GarfieldModular,

I completely agree. If I can get the clock and sequencer working right from the Elektron Octatrack and Analog 4 then I have my
bases covered on sequencers, FX, gates and envelopes covered without buying another module for my setup. That space can be used for another voice or two in the modular rather than on envelopes and so forth. I probably will return the Intellijel Mixup and Malekko Quad Envelope Generator modules as these don't really make sense since I already have mixer and many VCAs in the current case and an external mixer for everything.

Really loving the Malekko Richter Anti-Oscillator, Richter Dual Borg Filter and Batumi Quad LFO so these kinds of modules are what are super fun to me. Oh the Intellijel Quad VCA is brilliant as well and love the Make Noise Extra Mullet- I needed a good buffered mult.