Hi folks,

Happy modular Labor day weekend!

I have been having tons of fun learning my first setup. I filled up the last 84HP except for 2hp free and not sure what to use in that last 2hp besides a blank panel. Thoughts?

Anyways, big sale this weekend, so I went ahead ordered a new case and plan to add to it. Have a new filter and VCO arriving next week with the case but won't buy anything else for a while. I should have ordered a Doepfer monster 500HP case :-)

Here is my sketch:

ModularGrid Rack

I did plan for utilities and essential things like VCAs, envelopes (Maths), mults and mixer/switch modules. Aiming for a combination ambient and techno focus. Open to feedback and ideas!

Hi Sacguy71,

Thanks for the nice wishes... I am not familiar with labour day (the only one I know is the one on the 1st of May), in which country are you celebrating this weekend?

That gap in your rack looks more like 6 HP than 2 HP to me. With 6 HP you could but a blind panel first and take it easy but I guess you wasn't looking for that reply. :-) So consider perhaps 2 Pico modules from Erica Synths? Some of them have some handy functionality in only 3 HP. Don't get too many small 2 or 3 HP modules but a few to fill up your gap might be all right.

Otherwise Doepfer as a few newer modules that are 6 HP wide, choose one of those, if the Pico idea is not your thing. Or the Moddemix of Make Noise is 6 HP if I am not mistaken.

Ha, ha, I told you, you should get that Doepfer 3 x 168 HP case :-) Well, soon you will buy case number 3 then ;-) For that case 3, at least get there a 3 or 4 rows 168 HP case, at least that keeps you a bit longer going than one or two months :-D

Well have fun and enjoy your modular system, oh and please let us know what you did with that empty 6 HP :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

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Hi Sacguy71,

Ah... such a pity, I see I am too late with this message. In your title you mentioned you ordered already the Erica Synths - Black Polivoks VCF, if you can perhaps you try to exchange it for the Black Dual VCF. I got both filters, first I had the Black Polivoks VCF and I wasn't impressed, perhaps it's just me and I am using it wrong, that might be. So I gave up on Erica Synths regarding filters, though for some reason I gave it another chance and still ordered the Black Dual VCF. Oh what a beauty that is. It's very enjoyable using this dual VCF and can provide so much fun and pleasure, totally the opposite of the Polivoks VCF in my opinion.

If it's too late for you to change the order then I hope you can use that Polivoks filter better than I do. If you get some successful nice sounds out of that Polivoks then please let me know how you did that :-)

Have fun with the rest of it and kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads

Darn it too late, well at least Detroit Modular has a good 30 day return policy for refund or store credit :-)
Product shipped right away after I pushed order button. Ok I will probably exchange the Polivoks for the dual VCF filter.
I can try it out first and see if it works for me. I ended up keeping the Intellijel Mixup for my new case as audio output mixer and kept the Malekko Quad Envelope module and added a Malekko Varigate 4+ for sequencer in case that lets me create presets with the envelope. I will need it once it arrives next week as the Doepfer A100 basic system came with only one EG.

So far really love the weird Malekko Dual Borg Filter that thing is pure mayhem. I can get anything from aircraft to birds chirping to deep bass or horror soundscapes with the features of that filter and the Richter Anti-Oscillator. They pair nicely with Batumi LFO. I am glad that I bought and added the extra 4 channel buffered mult as well as many stackable cables. I ended up using all of them this evening in some patch experiments!

I also want the Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO that thing is a work of art. It was my favorite next to MI Plaits from the VCV Rack software among oscillators. Initially wanted a Piston Honda MK3 but all sold out.

My next case will be much larger at least 4-500HP free. I love the larger modules but they require way more space. A Doepfer monster case or similar works for me. I think that I will need that larger space.


So MDLR or dark modular monster case works for me! Anyways limits are good. I pushed myself today to create cool stuff with one VCO, once filter, one EG and one LFO. I was at jams few years ago with guys who introduced me to modular and they had massive rigs for the show in that size because of the number of required utility modules and larger sized modules.