I set out to make a Pad sound from the STO playing a fast arp into Clouds to create a wash, then used an envelope to open and close the VCA so as to use a snippet of the Pad sound as a synth stab that i could turn from Stab to wash with the Envelope.
Twinkly bits come from the 2Hp Pluck going through the Erica Pico DSP.
There is some Divkid Ochd controlling 2 channels of the DNiPro DOT, via MI Kinks half and full rectifier which is bashing out the toms on the ADDAC103 T-Networks, the Kick comes from the ADDAC too.
There is a little bit of filter action from the Happy Nerding HNVCF with modulation from the 2hp RND.
Disting MK4 on sample playing duty through 2hp Verb.

Sounds cool, how do you like the Disting? I am thinking of picking up the Disting EX for my new rack soon as well as the core utilities to go with it.

The Disting is just looping a sample in this case.

btw, i hated the Disting to start with and i still hate the menu diving, I have to get the manual out just about every time I use it, I also feel like the manual is incomprehensible for someone as dumb as me ;-)
I do like the Stereo Tape Delay, Sample playing stuff is good, and the latest firmware just added that Chaotic thing so thats cool.

Nice! Yeah I want the new Disting EX since it does so many useful things in small space plus screens way better so figure save me from using at 40HP in a small 6U case. Have to maximize space. Probably will save for monster Doepfer case with 500HP as future studio modular.

^^Edited, didn't read what you wrote properly!!^^

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

This sounds really nice and very entertaining! A few more of this and you got an album full, when are going to release that new record and CD of yours, you said? :-) No seriously, nicely done and worth for publication if you would ask me.

Your voice samples are a stamp or marker on your music, they way you use it, it has a nice touch!

Thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.