Happy Labor day folks,

I had a drink and messed about with my modular setup yesterday. Here is what I came up:

Hi Sacguy71,

Nice evening that was! :-) This demo and your previous demos make me reconsider to think about a Malekko module, I don't have any modules of this brand yet but the Anti-Oscillator and the Borg sounds good and look like they provide you with a lot of fun (which you wrote indeed already). Between 5 and 6 minutes the viewer has a good view on these both modules, I like that section particular.

I hope you have more interesting evening jams and thanks a lot for sharing with us. Kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks Garfield,

Yeah they are super crazy modules and very unique take on the Richter Wiard 3000 designs. Each module is really like several different modules in one. The Anti-Oscillator has a crazy LFO mode and wave shaper feature and two different VCO cores one is the flute mellow triangle the other is the zany mayhem one. Feed that into the Malekko Dual Borg filter and infinite sound exploration is possible. It gets wild with Batumi man that is one crazy LFO. So many modes to Batumi it is a very deep LFO module in and of itself. I think that I really am loving wave shapers and crazy LFO modules. I did order more utilities and a small sequencer so will so how that works.

Hi Sacguy71,

Yeah, LFOs are nice and crazy at the same time. Okay, it might be a bit early for you to get it since it's a complex thing but you can put it on your wish list (if you like to consider it, that is) and when you ready for it then get it :-)

I am talking here about, I am calling it myself, a psychopath of a module. This module has some serious issues ;-) But in a fun way! It's the Erica Synths - Black Octasource, it's a total nutcase LFO with 8 outputs (phase shifted). Even your most dull modules can be lighten up with this LFO. It can do some serious crazy but funny and nice things. I have to warn you though, this beast is difficult to tame and you need to get to understand it first before it becomes useful. So don't give up after a few attempts, this needs a bit more patience approach and "understanding" the craziness of this beast. But once you start to understand and appreciate it, this beast becomes a beauty! My top LFO by far.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks Garfield, yeah the Erica Synths Octasource is cool. I also like the Black Graphic VCO waveshaper to create own custom wave shapes. I did order a new IME Kermit MK3 module that has four channels and can function as an LFO, wave VCO, EG or more. Sort of a serious powerhouse module for the new case. I also ordered the new IME Bionic Lester MK3 which is powerful dual filter. Saving for a larger 4 row MDLR 12 case with 376HP of space or the 14U/126HPx4 Performer case to let me get larger modules and add a potent sequencer. I like the Frap Tools and 4ms modules but they are HUGE and require a lot of case space.
That case would give me 4x more space after I fill up my second Doepfer 6U case.


This is the travel modular case to get and folds nicely for shows.

Hi Sacguy71,

Yes I saw that MDLR case when you provided that link in one of your previous posts. That's indeed pretty impressive, the price too :-) I am not so sure, I need first a lot of space here at home which I don't have any more. I cleared up already some space for a new rack but that rack is going to be full soon as well I am afraid... I need to win the lottery to get a proper big house with tons of walls to put all full with Euroracks (and then the modules of course) ;-)

But yes, MDLR cases looks nice, just their price (here in Europe at least since we have to add on 21% tax (i.e. VAT) onto it...) should be about half of what they are asking now, their power modules can't keep up with the Doepfer ones, so that's yet another concern.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Garfield,

Yeah they are more expensive in Europe due to VAT for cases but love how flexible they are and can use without issues. I like the larger Dark Modular travel cases as well. I am also liking the Submodular travel cases with 208HP free.

If I ever decide to do a modular live gig in the future, I would definitely go with an Intellijel 7u case to use for 1u tiles and conserve space in a small fly rig. But with COVID, that is a long ways away.

Once my new case and gear arrive, once I have it setup and sorted will have to create new jams. I did order more utility modules so will see what else I need. Thinking a matrix quad mixer, ring modulator, master clock module like Pamela and sequential switch. Will wait for the Black Friday sales for those. With my new Varigate 4+ on the way and current outboard sequencers, probably won't buy any expensive ones this year. Though a small one that can ratchet sequences would be cool.