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I took advantage of holiday sales to buy fun new gear.

Here is what I have planned thus far:

ModularGrid Rack

I did get a few utilities like Links and Kinks along with the hex VCA and Intellijel Quadra with expander. Thoughts?

I plan to wait until the next sale around Black Friday to add to this second rack- perhaps a ratcheting fun sequencer? Add in a sequential switch, maybe another attenuator tools, clock like Pamela's New Workout and not sure if matrix mixer needed?

In any case, this new setup will be tons of fun to use with my first rack!

The secret word for tonight is Muxlicer.

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Ah there is the rub! Muxslicer! Need to check that one out when the Black Fridays sale arrives in few months. I ordered a lot of gear because the savings were superb. I must have saved $500 this weekend on new gear :-)

Plus I love wave tables and the IME Kermit and Bionic Lester are hard to find in stock. Now I just need more utilities, sequencer and another case.

Hi Saqguy71,

Another secret word: Metropolis.

Fun sequencer (that can do ratcheting) that's still on my wish list but I am not daring to order it because yes, lots of fun with it I think however expensive and for the moment I want to have a multiple track sequencer.

If you look for a VCS (Voltage Controlled Switch) then consider a Hikari Instruments - Quad Switch or one of those from Doepfer, for example the A-150-8.

I wish you a lot of planning & design fun and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield,
Yeah Metropolis looks super cool. I also like the Winter Eloquencer- 8 CV gates out and tons of cool programming features. The Hermod and WMD Metron look awesome as well. Thanks for the tip on the Hikari quad switch will keep that in mind. I need a good matrix mixer and sequential switch in my setup as well as a solid master clock generator like Pamela New Workout. I have a Varigate 4+ arriving this week that should handle sequencer in box for now along with my external sequencer devices until end of year or next.

Hi Sacguy71,

Yes Metropolis is nice, if you don't know this one yet, then check this out:

First two minutes are kind of funny history lessons, after that it's getting interesting.

Hikari Instruments might be difficult to get, I was lucky to be in Japan last year summer for holiday and managed to get a few of Hikari's modules. I got the Triple AD as well, very nice module too (recommendable) and the Atten/Mixer, 7 channels mixer in 8 HP, nice and good but Triple AD & Quad Switch are my favourites.

Let me know how you like the Eloquencer, if you are getting one, I am not so sure about that one. Hermod, I heard is also good indeed but too much menu diving for me. I like to keep it easy and simple without wanting to remember how to use which button for what and how to do what in which part of the menu... but of course up to everybody, that's just my opinion.

Kind regards, Garfield.

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I also heard that a ring modulator would benefit my setup. Klavis Logica XT for a logic utility, and Mystic Circuits tree sequential switch would help as well. On the fence with Eloquencer for a sequencer- one guy I met had 4 of them in his setup and while they look cool they still have lot of menu diving like the Hermod. Perhaps WMD Metron, Circadian Rhythms may work? I also thought get a clock power module like Pamela and Expert Sleepers Disting EX when out.