Fun night playing with modular stuff

Hi Sacguy71,

Looks like you had a very enjoyable night :-) Nice experimenting and you came up with some interesting sounds too!

The Xaoc Devices - Batumi, what's your opinion on that one? I consider this module. Are you happy with it? Logically to use?

He, he, and you got some noises that are quite close to voices, nice, kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks Garfield, it was pretty crazy wild.

I love the Batumi so powerful, easy to use and works wonderful either as 4 independent LFOs or in unison mode and many other tricks up its sleeves. If you get one, do get the add on Poti module that gives you access to the switch to use the other waveforms without having to adjust the jumper settings on the back of the module. Wish I had done that when I bought it and before I installed in my first setup. I like how simple it is to use and fun for live performance. Yeah I had a cool formant vowel thing going on with it last night that kept saying wow to me.

Hi Sacguy71,

Thanks a lot for your feedback on the Batumi. It's good to hear that's easy in use, I like that :-) Good hint about that Poti, I saw that already but it's good to remind me on that one. If I decide to buy the Batumi then indeed with the Poti.

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.