I've been mapping out my design for my first case.

So I'd imagine the first comments are going to be saying that I will need something bigger, and in the long run, I'd agree, this is not going to be my last case. But I really don't mind getting another when the time comes.
For now I just want something I can sit in the sofa with.
I've gone with a pallet case for a couple of reasons.
-I travel a lot, so having a case that I can always go back to when I want to be more mobile will always be handy to have.
-I like the 1u format, and the 7u 84hp is universally out if stock. 7u 104hp is more than I want to commit to right now

What I think I've got.
-Bass/perc (BIA), lead (RINGS) and effects modules/voice with clouds.
-Combined vca/mixer (4 channel for what should be a 2 to 3 voice setup.)
-Gate and CV modulation/sequencing. (I also have a Deluge that I can use with it)
-Two filters, with the C4rbn also being self occilating with wave folding for more options.
-A two out utility for envelopes,LFOs. With Peaks. It can do a lot more but I'd mainly be using it as an Envelope.
-Pams for clocking, and all the envelope, gate and everything else it can do.

So, I know it's smaller than most of you would want.

But the real question is, am I missing anything that will make this setup non functioning?

ModularGrid Rack

I would consider pulling back a bit on some of the modules

Clouds for example could be replaced with an FX Aid (XL) for example

You could then get an og Rings - which is nicer to play with and Emilie gets some money for designing it (win/win)

Same with the sequencer - do you really need 4 channels of v/oct - get a simpler sequencer and tune oscillators differently (buffered) mult (already in the case) the same v/oct to each, perhaps

you'll also probably get away without a 2nd filter

maybe add a small 2hp utility mixer and a basic LFO

not sure how deep the case is - check depths!!!

Thanks for the input Jim,

Yeah I can see what you mean.
I think in some ways im trying to do a little too much with this First case simply because I know ill get a bigger one.
But don't want to commit too much too soon buy actually getting one now.
I think if I could get hold of a 7u 84hp case, id just go with that. Then having 4ch CV and a full granular would make more sense.

Equally I only had the second filter for if I was using the C4rbn as an oscillator.
Maybe ill try and focus in a little more.
Buy the core modules and then fill up the gaps after.

in a case this size I would really only want to try to get a single voice in, more than that and you can easily end up with significant issues that once that case is full are only solvable by either buying another case and adding more modules or removing modules and replacing them

it's significantly easier to start with a bigger case - work out what you need to support what you want and then if you want a small portable case - either additionally or as a "beauty" case for travel - you have an idea of what you will be able to fit in it and still have a working synth that you enjoy playing with

I would look at a mantis - great case for the money and still portable - unless you are a small child

if you are worried about spending too much too quickly on modules get some blind panels to cover most of the rack - they are not expensive - 40€ covers over half a mantis - and set yourself a budget - stick cash in a jar or something similar!

with the palette cases you are paying a lot for some buffered mults, 1/2 a midi interface and 1/2 an output module (maybe 1/2 an input module too) and the 1u row (which in terms of hardware costs the same as the 3u row)

personally I do not have any 1u and do not intend to - I would rather build or buy regular 3u rows - for example a mantis cost about 1/2 the price of a 7u/104 case - by the time it's full and there is need for what would be the 1u row - you could buy a second mantis (with the savings from buying one in the first place) and buy equivalent 3u modules instead of 1u tiles - and probably only take up 20hp or so - leaving 180hp free for other modules

I also don't see the purpose of using a Palette here, either. They're useful little sidecars...say you'd like to run a couple of Maths alongside a different modular. Well, that's what the Palettes are for. I'd never consider them to be the right solution for a full system.

Pricing, also, should come into consideration. A 62 hp Palette = $299 street. Tiptop Mantis = $335. Both are powered. Both are portable (you can even get a gigbag for the Mantis...see HERE: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MantisTrBag--tiptop-audio-trans-mantis-express-bag). But while the Palette has 62 hp, the Mantis offers 208 and can easily be the core of a larger system in addition to being a stick-it-in-the-bag-and-go gigging instrument. To sum that up, 1 hp in a Palette costs you $4.82, while the Mantis comes in at $1.61. So even though it's slightly more, in the end it'll be cheaper since you won't have to get something else to expand beyond 62 hp. And in the end, this also more or less negates the need for that tile row.

Definitely, if it's going to be your only system, DON'T get a Palette. Get a larger case (the Mantis is great... or Eowave has a new 7u case that is reasonable) and give yourself room to grow.

I love my Palette for when I want to focus on a handful of modules... but as a full system, it would get dull fairly quickly, no matter what modules you put in it. It's a nifty case, but it plays a very particular role.