Looks nice this bro :)

have you already bought this? or is this just a plan

what are you aiming to do?

why the tiny modules? vca, lfo, seq, dsp? if not already bought - I would go bigger for all of these except maybe the seq - because they are not ergonomic - quad cascading vca (veils or intellijel), any bigger LFO, FX Aid (XL?)

one reason for going to the FXAid is that it is stereo in whilst the eric dsp is mono in

kinks would be a good addition for making more interesting modulation

A couple of things...

1) Clouds = N'existez pas. Long gone. Unless you have one on hand or know a solid source for one, take it out and replace it with a 3rd party build...which will also conceivably save you space OR allow you to put in an expanded version, such as a Monsoon.

2) A Behringer P/S? No. If there's one specific part you should NEVER, EVER skimp on in a modular synth, it's the POWER. There are too many screwy things that a cheap, inadequate P/S can do to/with a modular synth, especially a switching supply. This is why the hardcore types...along with some companies, such as Synthesizers.com...use LINEAR supplies, sometimes external. They're clunky and heavy...but output NO ripple, no RF hash, none of that. And I would NEVER trust anything Uli was responsible for enough to make it a mission-critical device.

Last thing...unless you have a very, very specific reason for jamming everything into one UNpowered 104 hp skiff, don't. Instead, get some more SPACE here, maybe consider moving up to a Mantis or something similar that's already powered properly. You're gonna feel awfully cramped trying to much of anything in just 104 hp, especially if the aim is to build something versatile.